AGRODROP - Tecnología agroecológica que optimiza los recursos hídricos
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    Soluciones Agrodrop

Based on the objective of caring for the environment, producing a greater amount of food in order to collaborate with the global objectives of achieving food sovereignty, we believe we should move towards a healthier production, and if we can, we should produce mostly agroecological food.

In its composition, the complete line of Drop System is agroecological, and the best way for our customers to verify it is very simple: We invite them to do the same test that we do in the talks, which is to consume it directly from the package.  Drop System has a taste similar to rainwater, without any harm to your health, something that proves that we are helping to produce healthy food.

Drop System has a neutral PH, and since it is made with vegetable waste, it is environmentally friendly, it is biodegradable, and it is neither chemical nor toxic; for this reason, we can affirm that by using it correctly there is no possibility of damaging any plant or crop.

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