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 Drop System, what it does is to induce plants to develop their maximum defense potential, since when applied at the time of planting, it binds fertilizers, micro and macro minerals that are lost through transpiration and filtration, delivering them to the roots when they need moisture.  Drop System will be available in the soil throughout the crop with the ability to rehydrate with rainwater or irrigation, bringing an improvement in the general condition of the crop, thus being better prepared to overcome the stresses that may occur.

Clearly, it is worth noting that Drop System provides higher crop yield.  In addition, it reduces the use of chemical synthesis products, which is increasingly valued and has an excellent cost-benefit ratio.
Its use is allowed in agroecological productions, it does not generate resistances since it does not act on pathogens, but helps the plant to have greater resistance to diseases or stresses, without affecting beneficial insects or pollinators.

We are proud of Drop System because it is a technological product par excellence that was developed in our country by Argentine scientists, and because at Agrodrop we believe in the future of modern agriculture.

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