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Grupo Arbolado del Parque Avellaneda receives Native Ecosystem Award 

  22/03/2022 14:13 Noticias

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On Saturday, March 19, the "Grupo Arbolado del Parque Avellaneda" was awarded a Diploma by the Legislature of Buenos Aires, where their work was declared of Landscape, Environmental and Educational interest to the Interpretation Trail of native plants. We were pleased to receive their invitation, and the directors of the company attended in order to see the finished work and the performance of Drop System Intensive fields that showed a 0% mortality rate and almost no irrigation during the pandemic.

  The innovative proposal of neighbors and collaborators in charge of the renowned Agronomist and Landscape Engineer Patricia Costantini, arose from replicating native ecosystems in different sectors of Parque Avellaneda. It had the support of neighbors and surrounding schools, where students joined this sustainability project by recording explanatory videos of the species that reproduced by reading the QR located in each species.

  The project does not end here, as we are looking to expand the area with more plantations and make this project more inclusive towards special populations.  A model that would be very important to replicate in every corner of the country with different native species in order to continue contributing to the environment and all its inhabitants.




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